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Stain Removal Guide for Brunch Spills

Hosting a weekend brunch is a fun way to spend time with friends….until they leave and you’re faced with the clean-up. Dishes are predictable, but what do you do about those berries someone managed to smash into your upholstered chair? […]

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Early Spring Pollen

Flowers, trees and weeds produce early spring pollen in abundance this time of year. Pollen is sticky, which helps pollinating insects and birds carry it around from plant to plant, encouraging new plant growth in the future. Pollen is also […]

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Fill Your Home With Natural Fragrances

Pets, sports socks, cooking smells, even traffic exhaust can penetrate your home and leave lingering unpleasant odors. Commercial air fresheners are full of chemicals that are dangerous to curios little fingers and paws. Many people also experience stinging eyes and […]

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards

Few people want to spend more time doing kitchen chores. Organizing your food cupboards minimizes the time you’ll spend searching for ingredients, making grocery lists, cleaning up spills and putting meals together. Tidy cabinets also save you money. Admit it: […]

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