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How To Clean A Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can be an unpleasant task.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire an affordable company to do it for you?

If you live in Corona, California, or anywhere near Riverside County area. Lucky you. You can simply hire Master Clean.

If you live outside this area, you can just use this guide to help you clean any bathroom.

Bathrooms are germ ridden.

For the safety of yourself and others they must be cleaned regularly.

What you will need

Disinfectant spray
Cleaning spray
A toilet brush
A duster
Scrubbing powder for really dirty areas
A mop
Hot soapy water
Trash bags
Toilet paper
Hand wash soap
Rubber gloves
Once you have all this, you are ready to begin cleaning.

Step by step guide on how to clean a bathroom

Before you begin cleaning you should remove all trash from the bathroom.

Trash is any item that doesn’t belong in the bathroom.

Wear rubber gloves.

First you should clean the toilet.

How to clean a toilet

You will need a disinfectant cleaner, bleach and toilet brush
Use toilet brush to brush the inside of the toilet
Pour some bleach inside the toilet bowl
Wipe the toilet seat, lid, outside of the toilet, the tank and the base with disinfectant.
Grab your toilet brush. Place brush inside toilet and
Let the toilet water clean the toilet brush.
Dust the room

Dust from the top of the room down.
Dust will likely be in hard to reach places.
Clean the sink and bathtub

The sink and bathtub are prone to build-up.
Apply scrubbing powder to areas with build-up. Leave for 15 minutes before scrubbing.
Clean any toothpaste around the sink with a rag and disinfectant.
Clean the shower

You may need to soak the showerhead overnight if it is clogged up.
Sprays the walls with your cleaning spray.
If the shower curtain is really dirty take it down and wash in hot water.
If the shower curtain is not dirty, simply spray.
Clean mirrors and glass

Clean smudge marks of mirrors with cleaning spray.
Remove excess spray with dry rag.
Replace toilet paper and hand soap.

Empty and replace the trash can.

Sweep and mop the floor.

It is a lot of work to maintain a clean bathroom. If you live in Corona, Orange County or the California area. Let Master Clean take care of it.


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