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Autumn Is For Details


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There’s something about the approach of cool weather that makes me want to curl up on a comfy chair and read a good book. And that’ what I plan to do… as soon as I get a few details out of the way.

While spring cleaning is that deep, satisfying airing out of all the closed rooms; the broad scrubbing of walls and walkways as the fresh blows a new warmth to us, fall is a time to attend to the details.

Just Because It’s October Doesn’t Mean Cobwebs Are Cool

Look up. Yes, you. Look up, at the corners and recesses of your home.  Cobwebs. They appear everywhere in the fall. That’s because spiders spin their traps in the evenings and sometimes abandon them when no prey is caught. In fact, the only thing caught in most spider webs is dust. And when dust covers an abandoned spiderweb, it becomes a cobweb.

Get out a broom and gently spin the cobweb around the bristles. Don’t try to scrape the cobweb off the surface or it might smear dirt on your walls and ceilings. A simple, gentle spin will pull the cobweb free cleanly. You can follow up with a ladder and some Simple Green or other environmentally safe cleanser (see Master Clean’s recent post “The Best Solution” for tips on selecting the right product).

There’s really no reason to use an insecticide to prevent cobwebs… spiders are friendly creatures that control flies and mosquitoes.

Do You Feel Ill When You Lie Down?

Maybe you’ve experienced it before – you have a few minutes to lie on your couch and relax, but you feel stuffy and itchy and not quite right after a few minutes of “relaxation.” It’s probably pollen, dander and mold spores that have landed on your furniture during the spring and summer months. If you have a pet, s/he is outside a lot more. Pollen and pet dander (dead skin cells) combine to create a cocktail of sneezes and sniffles.

Mold spores grow when summer’s humidity condenses in the cool air of autumn. That moisture, if it finds the upholstery of your sofa, can host mold.

To some people, these allergens can elicit serious health problems. Take some time to vacuum your sofa cushions. Use an upholstery cleaner such as Resolve Multi Fabric Cleaner to deactivate allergens on upholstered surfaces. If you have a lot of surfaces to clean, or if you have a particularly tough allergen challenge, consider calling a professional, such as Master Clean.

If Autumn Is For Details, Details Are For Master Clean

Master Clean is Riverside County’s go-to resource for all-season cleaning. Our trained, licensed, bonded cleaning crews are on the lookout for all the attention to detail a fall cleaning calls for. Schedule your cleaning today.