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Cleaning The Garbage Disposal

bowl of citrus

Garbage disposals can be tricky appliances to keep clean. The sharp blades inside them trap food scraps that can get smelly. Yet shoving a cleaning rag into the blades is a dangerous proposition.

We’ve put together this list of tricks we’ve found to be both effective and safe methods for cleaning the garbage disposal. Follow this procedure once a month and you’ll avoid unpleasant odors and bacteria and debris build-up.

Cleaning The Garbage Disposal in Five Easy Steps

  1. Remove Trapped Objects

You’ll want to start by removing any lodged objects. Turn the appliance off at the circuit breaker and use tongs to remove anything trapped in the blades. Some disposals allow you to remove the rubber splash guard for easy access. If yours doesn’t, use a flashlight to see into the unit.

  1. Water Flush

Run hot water into the disposal to shift any loose dirt after you have removed the larger obstructions. Add a drizzle of liquid dish soap while running the hot water kill the bacteria as well as breaking down any greasy sludge.

  1. Salt and Ice

Next, throw a few ice cubes and salt into the disposal. This creates a safe yet abrasive substance that will dislodge any stubborn grime. Replace the splash guard if you removed it. Turn on the circuit breaker. Be sure nothing but the ice and salt are in the disposal before turning it on! Run it until you no longer hear the ice grinding.

  1. Scrub the outside

Now it is time to manually clean the surface of the appliance under your sink. Go over any surface grime that you see with a scrubbing pad or a very old toothbrush and an abrasive cleaner, such as Comet or Barkeepers Friend. Wipe away cleaner with hot water and a rag.

  1. Citrus Peel

Finally, throw some orange or lemon peel, or a half of any citrus fruit down the disposal. Turn on the blades, and run a thin stream of warm water into the sink while grinding.This will keep your disposal smelling great without having to use strong cleaning chemicals.


photo by DecemberPress