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Cleaning Your Rental Property

Clean Rental Property

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One of the easiest things you can do to prepare your rental property for a showing or a new tenant is to have it professional cleaned. And, sadly, it’s one of the most often overlooked tasks.

Don’t Lose A Prospective Tenant

Here’s how it goes: your tenant moves out, you do a walk-through and give refund the deposit. Then, you get busy with other tasks. Soon, the phone rings and it’s a prospective tenant, who want to see a unit today. That’s great news, right? Well, not exactly. If the unit is not ready, you’ll either show a dirty apartment or delay the showing. Neither of these scenarios leads to a good outcome.

Make cleaning your rental properties part of your regular post-tenant “checklist.” Cleaning your rental property is easy if you have a ready solution. Your cleaning service should be the first number you call when a tenant moves out.

Don’t Forget Common Areas

In fact, you can be ready even faster by hiring a professional, insured cleaning service to maintain the common areas (hallways, doorways, garages, outside, common areas, basement, laundry room, manager’s office) of your rental property. Let a professional keep your investment looking and smelling great and ready for a showing at any moment. 

You can even time an apartment move-out cleaning with a common-area cleaning and save money.

Maintain A Great Impression 

We all know that making a good impression is important at the beginning of a business relationship. And nothing makes a tenant more confident than a landlord who shows a clean rental property. But what about after the lease is signed? A professional cleaning company will communicate to your current tenants that you care about them. When your tenant sees a professional cleaning team showing up regularly, they’ll feel better about re-signing that lease.  They’ll also be more likely to take pride in the common areas of their building.

Find The Right Cleaning Service

Not all cleaning services are the same. After all, this isn’t necessarily your home. When you come home after your cleaning service has done their job, you can see (and smell) the results. Your rental property is different. Hire a service that has good references, a professional-approach, and, most importantly, is insured. They should offer to come to your property and walk through the common areas before they provide a price. They should be up-front about the services they provide. And, they must be trustworthy. Tenants don’t distinguish between the cleaning service and the management. That’s why you need a professional service when cleaning your rental property – the service represents you.

Increase Your Revenue

A professional janitorial or maid service for your rental property can add value to your tenant experience in ways you might not have imagined. A good professional cleaning service sees all areas of your property. It’s like having another set of eyes on your management and tenants. At Master Clean, we’ve alerted our rental-property-owner clients to all sorts of situations that, if left undiscovered, could lead to very expensive problems. Leaks, electrical problems, illegal tenant activities, broken or propped-open doors, maintenance issues, and so much more.

Make sure your professional cleaning service provides notes for you, outlining any issues or alerting you to any potential problems they observe.

If you have rental property in Corona or Riverside, California, contact Angie Guzzetti of Master Clean and discover how essential, affordable and effective a professional cleaning service can be for your commercial property.

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