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Summer Concrete Cleaning and Care

Power Washing Concrete

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Pressure Washers Make Concrete Stains Disappear

One of the most popular home maintenance tools sold online and at local home improvement stores is the power washer. What used to be a highly complicated and expensive tool for professionals is now accessible to anyone with a few hundred bucks and a water tap.

There’s simply no reason to look at dingy, dirty concrete around your garage, walkways and sidewalk when a pressure washer makes concrete cleaning so fast and easy. Go outside and look at your walkway. There’s probably soil and gum and scuffs that you’re so accustomed to seeing, they’ve become invisible to you. But they might not be invisible to your guests.

A quick search of the internet will yield plenty of information about power washers and techniques. At Master Clean, we found a great resource in Pressure Washers Direct, a website operated by people with a passion for pressure washers (link at the end of this post). ¬†With plenty of reviews, tips and videos on pressure washing and equipment, you can find the right machine for your home or business and learn how to accessorize it, operate it safely and maintain it for years of service. Your concrete cleaning project will be done in no time… and you might have some fun while you’re at it.

According to Pressure Washers Direct, you shouldn’t be afraid to crank up the pressure when cleaning your concrete and masonry surfaces. But you’ll definitely want to test the detergent in an inconspicuous spot, just to make sure you’re happy with the result.

Here’s a video from Pressure Washers Direct explaining cleaning concrete surfaces with a pressure washer.

Visit for more information on selecting the right pressure washer for your home or business.



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