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Early Spring Pollen

pollen sticks to insects wings to transfer pollen from plant to plant

Flowers, trees and weeds produce early spring pollen in abundance this time of year. Pollen is sticky, which helps pollinating insects and birds carry it around from plant to plant, encouraging new plant growth in the future. Pollen is also lightweight, because many pollens must rely on the wind for transport and reproduction. Pollen’s special properties make it great for the evolutionary success of plants, but terrible for the sinus comfort of people. Understanding how pollen works on plants makes it easier to prevent it from working on you.

First and foremost, keep pollen from blowing into your house. Fresh, warm spring air sings like a siren’s song, tempting us to throw open the windows and enjoy the breeze. Don’t be tempted. Early spring pollens will blow in your house, and with them, the itchy, sneezy side-effects on your health. Keep the windows shut, and enjoy easier breathing inside your house.

If you have had your windows opened recently, be sure to clean the sills, both inside and out, as pollen accumulates rapidly this time of year. To ensure you eliminate as much pollen as possible, use a portable vacuum cleaner to suck up the pollen from the sill, then a static wipe, followed by a damp cleaning rag.

If you suffer from pollen allergies, hire Master Clean, a professional cleaning company, to perform this springtime chore.

Because it’s airborne, spring pollen is impossible to totally ban from the indoors. So be sure to vacuum your carpeted floors and damp mop hard-surface floors frequently, or have a regularly-scheduled cleaning company perform the task for you. Pay special attention to door mats and carpets that run up to the entryways of your home. They will grab a lot of the pollen off people’s feet as they enter. Change your vacuum filter bag regularly.

Dog, cat and human hair traps pollen picked up outside. Brush your pets outdoors as often as possible this time of year. Long-haired dogs should be shampooed frequently. Any people in your house with seasonal allergies should shampoo their hair every night before bedtime. Kids who play outside should put used playclothes in the laundry, not their bedrooms.

Finally, enjoy flowers outside only. Bringing new blooms into the house introduces pollen that can quickly cause allergic reactions.

Spring brings longer days, blooming gardens and seasonal allergies. You can’t overpower nature, but you can overcome some of the effects of allergens with regular house cleaning that keeps your home free from early spring pollen.

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