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Germ-Proofing Your Home

Regular Cleaning Protects from colds and flu germs

Keeping your house clean can help keep your family and friends healthy. Cold and flu germs are everywhere this time of year, including in your home. Germs don’t stay outside when people come in. Like dirt on the puppy’s paws, germs and viruses are carried in the door innocently. Even before people start to feel sick, germs are incubating in their bodies, then spread throughout  your home, as people sneeze, cough, laugh and talk. Germ-proofing your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to sterilize every last corner of your house. It’s a nearly impossible task. But regular cleanings can go far to minimize germs in your home. The experienced crews at Master Clean are skilled at not only disinfecting surfaces, but also cleaning crevices and other often overlooked or hard-to-reach areas where germs can build up. Master Clean tackles your entire home, which is important because cold and flu germs don’t just hang out in one room. Most importantly, they do the work, so you can tend to all the other demands on your time.

There are many routine chores you can do in between cleaning visits help keep germs from spreading.

  1. Wash bed linens, towels and couch throws in hot water and laundry detergent in the washing machine. Tumble dry per manufacturer’s instructions. If someone in your house is sick, adding a color-safe bleach to large laundry loads of sheets, towels and pajamas is a good idea.
  2. Give children’s stuffed animals a bath from time to time. Most stuffed toys can be washed in warm soapy water on a gentle cycle, and tumble dried on a low-heat setting. If a child gets sick, wash any stuffed friends and put them outside in the sunshine for a day or two. The UV rays will kill viruses and bacteria.
  3. Wipe down shared surfaces, like remote controls, phones, keyboards, tabletops and doorknobs. This is particularly important when someone in your home is sick, as germs can live on surfaces for many hours.  For hard plastic, use a disinfectant wipe, and let the surface air dry. Wood and stone surfaces should be towel-dried to avoid moisture stains. A great alternative to disinfectant wipes is plain white vinegar, which is acidic enough to kill germs.
  4. Be selfish. Don’t share. Yes, this is terrible advice in most areas of life, but during cold and flu season, it’s sensible to ensure your family doesn’t share any food, drinks, dishes, drinkware, pillows, towels, mittens, gloves, or anything else that comes into contact with faces and fingertips.

Accept the fact that a house full of people means a house full of germs. Don’t fret about all the microorganisms you can’t control. Simply take the precautions within your reach to keep germs from spreading. You’ll have a healthier home and peace of mind.