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Green Cleaning Products That Work

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Your cleaning service is only as good as the products we bring into your home. As a residential and commercial cleaning company committed to effective cleaning as well as sustainability and environmental sensitivity, any green cleaning products we use in your home must meet Master Clean’s rigorous product requirements.

Master Clean Green Cleaning Products Requirements

    1. The cleaning product must be safe and effective. After all, if it doesn’t do the job, what’s the point of using it? That’s why our number one requirement is that any cleaning product be safe to use and effective on dirt and odor. We use commercial-quality green cleaning products because they work better than the products commonly available in grocery stores.At Master Clean, we realized a long time ago that businesses such as those in the Southern California communities including Corona, Riverside County, and Orange County have an interest in keeping their facilities clean and safe. Effective cleaning creates a healthier workplace for employees. Customers appreciate and trust businesses with a clean location. Facilities cleaned with commercial green cleaning products show less wear, fewer maintenance calls, and lower rates of worker illness. In short, a clean facility is a better-run facility. And your home is no different. Our “Green Seal” products are cleared for use in any workplace. They meet the highest standards of environmental protection, allergy-resistance and low allergy resistance.
    2. The cleaning product must be environmentally friendly. Once we’ve established that the product is effective and safe, we examine its effect on our environment. Of course, all of our products are guaranteed safe for humans (young and old), as well as your pets. And we always take care to apply cleaning products carefully, especially around areas where humans and pets eat and sleep. But what about the Planet? What about our Southern California coastline, lakes, rivers, sky, and soil? You can be confident that Master Clean only uses products that meet the official “Green Seal®” standard. Green Seal is a non-profit organization that has been certifying environmentally friendly green cleaning products since 1992. Our products meet Green Seal’s rigorous 14-point test to ensure everything we bring into your home is safe for our environment:

  • Meets performance tests
  • No aquatic toxicity
  • No human toxicity
  • Biodegradable
  • No carcinogens or reproductive toxins
  • No eutrophication (water runoff)
  • No skin/eye corrosivity

  • Use of concentrates
  • Not a skin sensitizer
  • Safe fragrances
  • Non-combustible
  • No endocrine disruptors
  • Minimal VOCs
  • Reduced packaging

Master Clean is more than a cleaning service. We’re a cleaning service based in your community. We share the same Orange County air, land, and water as you. That’s why we’re so adamant about keeping our environment clean by using green cleaning products. Whether you live in Riverside, Corona, Anaheim Hills, or Orange County, Master Clean is your neighborhood residential and commercial cleaning service.

Learn more about Green Seal and Master Clean’s commitment to the safety of our environment. Or take action now and get a free green cleaning consultation for your home or business. Master Clean uses Betco Green Earth commercial green cleaning products which are certified environmentally safe by Green Seal.

Master Clean cares and shares your concern for the health of our community. What’s important to your family? How does your family’s cleaning affect our environment. We’re here to answer your questions. Share your comments or questions about green cleaning and its impact on our Riverside and Orange County environment below.