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Our Policies

To provide the best quality at the most competitive price, Master Clean follows a set of comprehensive policies and procedures to define the terms and conditions for our service to you, our client.

Condition of Your Home

The interior of the home is expected to be cleared of clutter. Toys are to be put away, laundry should be in the laundry baskets or the washing machine, clothes are to be the closet or in the dresser(s), dishes are in the dishwasher or cabinets. Surfaces that are covered with clutter will not be cleaned. While cleaning, Master Clean staff may move items to access surfaces beneath. Master Clean will make every attempt to return items to their original location. Please specify your preferences in the special care section of our contract.

Scheduled Time and Time of Completion

The home is expected to be in the same or cleaner condition as on the day of the in-home bid visit. If charged by the hour, client agrees to pay for hours exceeding the estimate. The regular service is a flat fee quote and the hours are an estimate of the time needed to complete the contracted tasks. For regular service, our rate is $27 per hour per person. We request that you allow us a window of 1 – 2 hours before and after the scheduled time to account for potential unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to arrive at your residence promptly, client understands and accepts that factors such as added services, traffic delays and lockouts affect scheduled arrival times.


Payment is due at the completion of each cleaning visit.


We require at least 72-hour notice if you must cancel or change your cleaning appointment. Leaving a message after 6pm is considered a next-business-day cancellation. Cancellation should be made via our contact form or email. We will send you confirmation email within 2 – 3 business days. If you don’t hear back from us, it is your responsibility to call and verify that your cancellation request has been received. We will assess $50 Late Cancellation Fee.


Master Clean, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse service on the scheduled date if an animal in the home is considered dangerous or a nuisance. Pets left inside the home on the scheduled service date will be protected to the best of our ability. Master Clean shall not be held responsible for safety and well-being of the pet(s) while cleaning services are being performed. Master Clean does not clean pet “accidents” in the house. Master Clean does not change litter boxes. If you have an indoor animal only, please let us know so our staff can be prepared.

Occupants on Service Date

Individuals in the home while service is performed must not occupy the rooms while the cleaning is being done. It is requested that you move to other rooms and be mindful of our equipment for your protection and protection of our staff. Master Clean is not responsible for any injuries/accidents to you while we service your home.

Keys, Lock-Out and No-Show

Master Clean will safeguard the client key(s) at all times. If we can’t access your residence (you forgot to leave a key or your door is locked or inaccessible) on scheduled date, a $50 Lock-Out Fee will be charged to you.

Damages or Breakage

Master Clean guarantees the work for 24 hours. Any deficiencies and damages must be reported within this time period. Otherwise, the necessary correction will be made during the next scheduled appointment. We don’t take responsibility for pictures/mirrors/shelving/blinds/etc not secured properly. These are just accidents waiting to happen! We request that you inform us and remove any decorative items valued over $250. We will pay maximum of $250 toward replacement or repair per incident. We must be notified within 24 hr of any damage and must have the opportunity to inspect and verify the value of any damaged item.

Air Conditioning

When required, Master Clean staff may use the air conditioning by lowering the thermostat to a comfortable setting to prevent heat exhaustion, fainting and possible interior damage to the client’s home.


Referral and coupon discounts will be validated by Master Clean. The referral discount ($25) is applied to your service after your referral has been serviced and signs our contract for on-going service. You will be notified when discount is in effect and applied to your invoice.

Returned Checks and Price Stability

$25 Return Check Fee will apply to all returned checks. We reserve the right to issue rate increase at any time. You will be notified in writing. You can expect a rate adjustment every 12 – 24 months.


Our work is 100 percent guaranteed. If there are any concerns please let us know immediately. Please place valuable jewelry and cash away. We do not go into your drawers. We may use your phone for local calls if our cell phones have no signal in your home.

A Note On Mold and Mildew

Mildew is a parasitic fungus. It requires moisture, warmth and a food source to exist. It reproduces itself by growing microscopic spores in enormous quantities. These spores are always present in the air and spread via normal air currents. A spore lies dormant until favorable moisture and temperature conditions occur for it to germinate. Mildew thrives in warm moist areas that have poor air circulation. In the average household, mildew is typically found in the bathrooms. The corners, cracks and crevices of the tub, shower, sink and toilet are the most common areas infected. It ranges in color from a pinkish-orange to black.

Your cleaning team will be able to impede the growth of mildew by removing the built up food sources that it lives on, such as soap, skin, hair and etc. However, as long as moisture and warmth are present, the spores will immediately germinate and mildew will again be growing on the host area.

To retard the growth of mildew, the area must be kept dry or it must be chemically treated to make it an undesirable environment for the spore to germinate. Chlorine bleach is a very good sanitizer to use on an infected area.


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