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Remove Chocolate From Any Surface

photo of chocolate easter bunny and chocolate eggs

Sunshine and chocolate make just about everyone happy. Together, they can also make everything a mess. Melted chocolate somehow manages to drip, smudge and stick onto every surface it nears. Yet chocolate is one of life’s pleasures, so better to equip yourself with ways to clean it away than to worry about it every time you hear the distinctive crinkling of foil liberating a treat.

The pros at Master Clean successfully remove chocolate from any surface imaginable.

Removing smudges from cabinets and countertops is part of their routine residential cleaning service. And sometimes those smudges originate from chocolate covered fingertips. To remove chocolate from any surface before it becomes a bigger problem, follow this guide from the pros:

  1. As soon as you see chocolate on a household surface, especially fabric or carpet, clean it right away. The longer chocolate remains, the more likely a stain could occur.
  2. Get the chocolate cold, so it can harden, and physically remove it from the surface. This step is important for any household surface or fabric. Solid chunks of chocolate will smear and spread if you start cleaning them with water. If necessary, place an ice cube on the chocolate until it hardens. Then, take a table knife or pie lifter and scrape the chocolate, lifting it away as you go. If the chocolate you are cleaning can’t harden – like frosting, or pudding – scoop it up the best you can and dispose of it before cleaning.
  3. For hard surfaces, such as walls, countertops, cabinets, tile, wood flooring and furniture, make a solution of liquid dish soap, such as Dawn or Palmolive, and cool water. (Use clear dish soap on painted surfaces, walls and stone to avoid discoloration.) Use about a tablespoon of soap to a cup of water. Dip a washcloth into the solution, and wipe chocolate from the surface. Be sure to rinse your cloth often during this step. Rinse soap away with a wet cloth. Dry surface well, especially painted surfaces or wood.
  4. For linens and clothing, treat the area directly with a laundry spot remover, such as Shout, OxiClean, Biz or Spray ‘N’ Wash. Alternatively, a clear dish soap applied to the spot can be an effective pre-wash treatment. Let the treatment sit for about a half hour. Rinse in cold water. Launder in cool water with detergent. Check the fabric. If the chocolate is still very visible, repeat these two steps before drying.
  5. For carpet and upholstery, make up a solution of liquid dish soap and water, according to the directions in 3, above. After removing any solid chocolate, run cold water directly over the chocolate stain. Using a wash cloth dampened with the soapy solution, rub the stain using a circular motion. Let the solution sit on the stain for a few minutes. Rinse well with cold water. Repeat until the chocolate stain disappears. Finally, dab dry with a cloth.

Knowing how to remove chocolate from any household surface will make your life sweeter. And if you want to keep your life clean, call Master Clean for professional results every time.

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