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Stain Removal Guide for Brunch Spills

Brunch with berries and teaHosting a weekend brunch is a fun way to spend time with friends….until they leave and you’re faced with the clean-up. Dishes are predictable, but what do you do about those berries someone managed to smash into your upholstered chair? Most food and drink stains can be cleaned out of fabrics with the proper mix of cleaning agents and a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease.

The pros at Master Clean are well practiced in cleaning up after gatherings. You can call on them for routine and special cleaning services. When you’re faced with stains you want to remove asap, rely on their expert advice, like this stain removal guide for brunch spills.

Before you treat any stain, be sure to blot, wipe or somehow remove as much liquid from the area first, and scrape off any solids, such as berries. Then follow these tips:

  1. Coffee – Rinse fabric under very hot water – boiling hot, if possible. If the coffee has spilled onto a tablecloth or clothing or a fabric that can be removed and put into a sink, all the better; pour a lot of water through the stain, stretching the fabric to ensure that no clean fabric catches underneath, as it could pick up the coffee. If the stain doesn’t flush away – coffee with milk and sugar will be more stubborn than black – treat the rinsed spot with a stain remover and let sit for about 20 minutes. Wash with mild laundry detergent, rinse well and let dry.
  2. Iced tea – Treat the stain with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts hot water, adding a tablespoon of clear dishwashing soap, such as Palmolive, for every cup of liquid. Rinse this solution through the fabric, or dab onto upholstery or carpet. Rinse.
  3. Juice – Apple juice leaves brown stains darker than the juice itself. Grape juice is a nightmare. But both can be treated with a solution of clear dishwashing soap, and water. Use about a tablespoon of soap to a cup of hot water.  If the stain persists, dab a solution of ammonia and water on it. Use 1 part ammonia to 2 parts water. Launder in the washing machine afterward, if possible, with warm or hot water. Or hand-wash.
  4. Berries – If berries have stained a colored or patterned fabric, treat with a laundry spot remover containing color-safe bleach, and launder in the hottest water the fabric will tolerate. If berries have stained something white, such as linen napkins or a tablecloth, make up a solution of ½ cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon clear liquid dishwashing soap. Rinse the solution through the fabric, rubbing with a clean white washcloth. Rinse well.

All of these removal techniques are most effective if done as quickly after the spill as possible. Older stains might persist, but a second pass at the above treatments could help eliminate them entirely.



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