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Effective Ways to Remove Scuff Marks Off Walls

Life happens. Regardless of how careful you are maneuvering around your house, you will likely experience the frustration of unwanted scuff marks or smudges on your walls and floors. Scuff marks happen when people kick stair risers and walls, most often inadvertently rather than from an abundance of anger. (Hopefully!) Moving dining chairs to and […]

Top Five Houseplants that Clean Indoor Air

Sending astronauts into space isn’t the only scientific advancement for which we have NASA to thank. The brilliant minds at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration also think a lot about the environment. Like us, they want the air we breathe – and float through –  to be clean and pure. They researched ways to […]

Fill Your Home With Natural Fragrances

Pets, sports socks, cooking smells, even traffic exhaust can penetrate your home and leave lingering unpleasant odors. Commercial air fresheners are full of chemicals that are dangerous to curios little fingers and paws. Many people also experience stinging eyes and breathing problems with commercial sprays, gels and plug-in room fresheners. We recommend natural alternatives, which […]